Monday, 11 April 2011

Poem Dedicated to Friends

When you say “I am There”

I wonder what magic you bear,
When you just say “I am there”
Just when things all fall apart
When my body trembles with fear,
I wonder what happens dear
When you just say “I am here”

Till today it’s a mystery to me
Even at the worst moments of time
Just when all seems lost
When I am just about to succumb to the toil,
How my lips break widen into a smile
When you just say “Your troubles are mine”

Life is a long journey
And I am progressing in leaps and bounds
And I am extremely lucky,
You are really God – sent
Coz had it not been for you my friend,
I wonder where the journey would end…

                                                By N.C. Puneeth

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