Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Death of a "Feeling"

Recently I read a blog post from a fellow blogger, where she mentioned how the feeling of “Love” in couples these days lacks the “warmth” that it used to have. After thinking upon this for quite some time, I had some startling realizations – which made my hair stand on end. I feel it is important for one and all to realize these things because sooner or later they are going to affect us – affect mankind.

So, what is all this fuss about? Well, we human beings consider ourselves far superior to other birds and animals, because we can “think” and “feel” a variety of intellectual and emotional content. Accepted, though we have no means to verify if animals and birds also have equally complex feelings. But think of it – is our capacity to “feel” the same today, as it was yesterday? I doubt it. And that is what worries me the most.

Many times I have come across teenagers and young men swearing at each other:
A: “Hey “$%^&” how do you do?” and B happily replies:
B: I am great “&%$#”, how are you?

And they both have a nice laugh and continue this most interesting conversation. Ask yourself – what is happening here? Why does the abuse have no effect at all on the other person? Well, apparently they are “used” to speaking such a language… and so they know, its alright if they are abused… But do you sense the death of a “feeling” here?

The television and Internet have taken over all information transfer completely. They have variety of advertisements, movies, programs, videos etc. To my dismay most of it is becoming very senseless these days – just as senseless as those two people abusing each other without the teensiest effect. And as time passes, those exposed to such crude programs that use emotions wrongly, are also gradually getting de-sensitized… Every other movie is a love story – and so a 13 year old will tell you 50 different kinds of love story. Now how special do you think will a feeling like “Love” be to that kid? Feelings like mother’s affection are being used to advertise mosquito repellents… what kind of crazy association is this? It is really sad that we have created technology for our convenience but in the process are killing our own emotional superiority…

Take the word “Fuck”. It is used for just anything and everything… the actual feeling associated with it is DEAD for all practical purposes. Everyone knows its “definition” but it is used everywhere without reason, and whatever was the feeling associated with the word is now practically extinct. Even 8 – 9 year olds use the word now.

Can you see what I am worried about? If extinction of animals, energy resources, birds and natural resources is a concern then extinction of “FEELINGS” is a much more important concern! Think of it – 100 years down the line people will be talking all kinds of weird things, with blunt minds that cannot feel emotions!! May be dogs will have more emotional capacity than humans then – lucky dogs do not watch TV!!

The poems and texts written by renowned authors of the past like Kalidasa, Veda Vyasa etc. do not interest the current generation youth much – can you now see reason? The feelings that existed well preserved due to careful and precise usage of language and expression during that golden era are extinct now, and sadly there is no way to get them back, just no way!! The words of the texts remain, but nothing of the feelings associated exist…

I am really concerned about the fate of future generations… I wish people who work for media, marketing, and other kind of public activities take appropriate measures to preserve feelings by using them appropriately and occasionally to avoid excess dilution. I urge all readers to make it a practice to speak while actually keeping in mind the feeling associated and to learn to evoke precise feelings at appropriate times.

Luckily, Indian languages still have not lost the feelings as much as English… no wonder talking in Hindi sometimes gives us that “warm brotherly or sisterly” feeling that we hardly ever get while using English… But even Hindi has started losing some of its charm of late, thanks to all kinds of commercials in Hindi, and of course Bollywood. The only language, whose literature is untarnished, shines bright and free of any kind of dilution or loss of feeling is – Sanskrit. I urge readers to at least try (whenever there is leisure) to learn some Sanskrit and read available literature… I have tried it, and though it is slightly difficult (mainly because the feelings have been lost in daily life) once you get used to it, it is so beautiful…

Last but not the least it is a request to all readers to spread this message to all your friends, because the uniqueness of mankind is at stake…

Thank you for patiently going through the writing. Hope it was useful.


  1. Nice views Puneeth. I find myself agreeing to most of it, however, I feel the the main reason for the death of "Feeling" as you call it is due to the westernization of the Indian culture. In India, we have a very different definition of the word feeling. Just to quote an example, a mother in America does not love her baby any less than a mother in India. However, after the age of 18, the same mom is seen almost "pushing" her kid out of "her" house, something rarely observed in India. Also, most of the Bollywood movies now are influenced by the Western culture and hence tend to take the "feeling" (as defined in India) away from the viewers.
    Same explanation can be given for the use of the swear words without meaning. Almost 90 percent of hollywood movies have the word "Fuck", something not common in India until now. Of course, the time is changing and soon we will see bollywood movies having "BC" and "MC" being used very frequently.

    However, a point well made and something definitely to think about for everyone.

  2. You are right Ishan, and it is sad that we Indians are just aping the western culture... Actually American culture... The British once used to have a very poise English language where all the feelings were intact (am talking about the classics like Shakespere, Keats, or even Sherlock Holmes), but with the advent of Hollywood and american easy- go-way life which unfortunately people think is cool, the dilution of feelings started in the whole world... And by aping it more and more, we are making the situation worse.... An awareness must be created somehow, to save "Feelings" ...